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Velvet or Silk - Silicone-free

When Silicone-Free Matters!
Clariant’s silicone-free concept offers solutions for both silk and velvet skin-feel. Products are available for sprayable lotions such as self-tanning sprays and body lotions, for gels and gel creams, including shaving gels, anti-acne and refreshing under-eye gels, for face and body creams, shampoo and shower products, and for foundations and other make-up applications.

Dedicated silicone-free products cover:

  • Rheology modifiers: silky-touch and velvet-touch Aristoflex® polymers for emulsifier-free formulations which are easy to process and suitable for O/W and W/O emulsions. They offer a melting texture with non-tacky skin feel and ease of distribution. High shear stability reduces processing time.
  • Emulsifiers: Velvet-touch Hostacerin® EWO gives a naturally derived emulsion base with a non-greasy, rich skin feeling, improved spreadability, and excellent skin compatibility. O/W and W/O formulations have added stability, and allow fast, easy production.
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